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Cross Cultural Training

Globalization enables people to interact and operate across borders and cultures. 


However, it also creates challenges that organizations and people must deal with to be successful. Such openness and cultural interaction, although enriching if practiced properly, can hinder organizational performance and human interaction where actions are lost in the nuances of cultural behaviours. 


Doing business in a cross-cultural environment and working or delivering services in a multicultural environment requires an in-depth understanding of and clear communication with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and nationalities and makes cross-cultural training essential to maximise positive outcomes of intercultural interactions and to reduce potential cultural hiccups.


The cross-cultural trainings that we offer are designed to benefit organizations: 

  • With a multi-cultural staff from different Arabic countries

  • Growing business in the Gulf States (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc…) 

  • Travelling regularly to the Gulf for business

  • Considering establishing or doing business in the Gulf

  • Providing products and services to clients and members with an Arabic background


The Canadian Arab Heritage Foundation understands the Importance of Cross-cultural Training in Building Collaborative Teams and better human interaction. 


As such we are collaborating with Culture Arabia, a leading cross-cultural training organization, to present the following trainings: 

For NGOs & Government Employees​

Understanding the Arabic Culture

Meet the Trainers

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